Phan Quang

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“Towards White (1975) shows nine sequential photographs of [Geta] Brătescu dressing herself and her studio in large sheets of white paper until, in the final shot, eyeing the camera, she whites-up with a paintbrush. There’s a Marcel Marceau styling in works of this period: accented face paint, androgynous clothing and overstated hand positions, which emphasize white female self-representation as a mode of performance.” Isobel Harbison • Frieze

Mark Neville

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“I’m beginning to wonder if the wire photographers—from places like the A.P., Reuters, and other unshowy mainstays of the press pool—aren’t the true comedians of Donald Trump’s young and stressful Presidency.” Vinson Cunningham • New Yorker

Chris Buck

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“Rarely do [Teju] Cole’s images of streets, doors, mirrors, murals, pavements, interior and exterior walls disclose their specific geographical setting. The terse captions do that. The point here is not the exotic but its opposite: mysteries of the ordinary, attained in patiently awaited, brief flashes. In other words, this is a book about human culture.” Robert Pinsky • New York Times

Tyler Shields

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“In 1975, on a journey from Tokyo to Hokkaido, his hometown, Masahisa Fukase began to photograph the ravens he saw from the train window. Alighting at stations along the way, he captured the birds in motion or perched on poles, telegraph wires, chimneys and fences. He photographed them in flocks landing on trees or darkening the already slate grey sky and in grainy close-up, their silhouettes suggesting something solitary and elemental.” Sean O’Hagan • Guardian

Trent Parke

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“[T]his is a matter of priorities, what preoccupies you at that moment, the intentions of your actions, the purpose of your role in what context and in which stage of your life you’re at. You can decide at any moment to open your eyes and see below the surface, or you might as well turn the other way and enjoy your day.” Mimi Mollica in conversation with Brad Feuerhelm • American Suburb X

Sergio Larrain

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“In the spirit of the old joke among photographers — that the best camera is whichever one you have with you — the technical shortcomings of this picture are in keeping with a form of music in which technical excellence counts for little without those other hard-to-focus intangibles: soul, swing, feeling.” Geoff Dyer • New York Times Magazine

Thomas Dworzak • Magnum

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“I’ve always wanted a book like ‘Feast for the Eyes,’ which charts the chronological history of the ways in which food has been photographed, recorded and shared for over a century. It starts in the 1800s, with the first photographs to depict food front and center, and brings us to the present, with the many kinds of images we are so used to seeing now. And with the evolution of food photography, we also see the evolution of style, technology, politics, media and even home cooking.” Julio Tershen • New York Times