Alfred Gescheidt • International Center of Photography

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“Adam Szymczyk and his curatorial team appear relentlessly concerned with pulling together two modes of image making: the document of an action and the action as art.” Kaelen Wilson-Goldie • Aperture

Lori Pond • Open Culture

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“Whose eyes, whose images have influenced your view of cities, of places and people you don’t know firsthand? By no means are all outsider photographs sunk in despair, but bad news bullies good news into submission and scenes of desolation compel attention.” Vicki Goldberg • New York Times

Noel Celis

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As pivotal figures in the history of the medium, who are varied in sensibility, [Harry] Callahan, [Aaron] Siskind, and [Minor] White were united in the pursuit of photography as a form of self-expression, fulfilling Moholy-Nagy’s directive to explore “the expressive manipulation of light . . . free from cultural indoctrination.” Mark Alice Durant • photograph

Karolin Back

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“There now exists a real demand for visuals that the world of analog photography tended to treat as nuisances.” Jörg Colberg • Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie

Noel Celis

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“[A]nimal skulls and false teeth on a diner floor were all found in situ—I have a quick eye.” Lauren Grabelle in conversation with Anna John • World Photography Organisation

Anthony Barboza • Hyperallergic

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“Images can transform the world, [Ariella Azoulay] argues, and the only reason they haven’t yet is because we don’t know how to look at them. The problem isn’t images; it’s us.” Sarah Sentilles • New Yorker

Unknown • Retrato

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“[W]hat must I do to keep looking and thinking in a world that offers distractions of every kind?” John Yau • Hyperallergic