Susannah Baker-Smith • Gallery Vassie

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

“Crucially in this work, [Ryan] Moule photographed abandoned buildings with analogue black and white film – a now outdated technology seen against the rise of digital photography in the new millennium. Like the buildings depicted in a number of his photographs, the technology used to represent the buildings is generally perceived as obsolete and redundant. Moule emphasizes the impermanence of both the subject matter and the method of representation by forgoing the chemical fixing of the image in the dark room. The caption under the photographs explains that these are ‘Chemically Unfixed Silver Gelatine Photographic Prints’. As a consequence of this methodology, Moule’s prints transform over a period of time into pitch-black rectangular shapes: they become the antithesis of an image as they imitate neither fiction nor reality. Rather, they imitate the process by which the coast is slowly eroding away. Just as the buildings succumb to the power of the sea, the UV rays of the sun penetrate the surface of the unfixed print and eventually cause the image to be lost.” Marco Bohr • Photomonitor

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