Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs

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“It’s important to think about how a book functions differently from the wall or the screen. There’s the obvious physicality of the printed page as something that takes into account the physical presence of a reader, with the book in front of them, held in their hands. There’s also the way that a book functions as a binding agent for text and series of images; these otherwise disparate elements come together in a concrete, permanent way.” Lesley Martin • Magnum

Walead Beshty • Petzel Gallery

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“First, I would shoot the model. She then held the pose and we turned off all the lights in the studio. In a second exposure, lasting a few seconds, an assistant would use a flashlight to draw shapes in the air around the model’s body.” William Klein as interviewed by David Campany • Wallpaper

Martine Franck • Magnum

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“There’s one with fake blood, which is probably one of the most graphic of the images, but the whole apparatus of creating that scene—the dark slide, the remote release, the food coloring and mixing bowls—is shown. For me, this touches on a very important question when doing work around trauma: How do you represent violence without perpetuating it?” Rowan Renee as interviewed by Chris Boot • Aperture

Stanley Kubrick • Dangerous Minds

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“If we take a closer look at these photographs, we start to wonder how in the hell they could ever be mistaken as illustrations for a story on apocalyptic city life in the first place. They neither intend to scare us, nor do they document the sordid conditions.” Dr. Tobia Bezzola • British Journal of Photography

Justine Kurland • Aperture

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“The decade prior had been spent travelling across America in search of subjects to photograph. I had built my work and my life on the road, and, now that I was a mother, I had no idea how to continue living as an artist. But I figured things would work out somehow, if I could just get us out there.” Justine Kurland • New Yorker

Sara Cwynar • Paris Review

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“I had no interest or opinion about politics, so I did not partake in political movements and demonstrations. I focused instead on the need to reform photography. Provoke provided me with comrades.” Daido Moriyama as interviewed by Tsuyoshi Ito • Aperture

Jose Figueroa • International Center of Photography

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“What drew me to Robert Frank’s work was the eerie, sometimes crazy idea that, in many of his pictures of America, he was living out not only his own life but mine.” Eugene Richards as quoted in New Yorker