Chen Shu-chen • Belfast Photo Festival

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“Look at those luscious things. You could just eat them up.” Shauna Lyon • New Yorker

Dana Lixenberg

Saturday, 10 June 2017 Comments off

“I like the meaning of small blunder, because you only learn and live through mistakes, and there’s always a small blunder in every book. If not, then I put one in.” Winfried Heininger in conversation with Jacob Charles Wilson • Paper Journal

Marcelo Nizzoli • Tate Modern

Friday, 9 June 2017 Comments off

“Photographing is an utterly unnatural act that is able to slice the flow of time into tiny segments.” Massimiliano T. Rezza in conversation with Francesca Marcaccio • Paper Journal

Jin Zhu • In a clearing

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“I’m keenly aware of the lack of originality in my own work. I really see myself as belonging to a genre of photography, where there has been produced so much work of such a high level of quality that it forces me to improve myself continuously. I guess the most important aspect of this—to me—is that it removes focus from novelty and, instead, towards quality.” Lars Rolfsted Mortensen in conversation with Steve Bisson • Urbanautica

Andrew J. Sacks

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“My interest is to question our society, I find it more interesting to ask a simple question about a complex topic than the other way around. It’s like explaining a complex project to a child. I am not saying my audience is like a child, but it’s always more interesting to use simple words to explain something complex than the other way around. I guess I am trying to do something similar with my photography.” Philippe Braquenier in conversation with Nathalie Vissers • Urbanautica

Sarah Pannell • In a clearing

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“I want you to look past our appearance, I want you to properly study our people, our culture, and I want you to stop with your vintage, patronising crap.” Zoe Paterson MacInnes, qtd. by John MacPherson • Duckrabbit

Dimitris Kechris

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“Just as the role of photography changes within the digital communication environment, so does the role of the person who is evolved in creating photography. We are not living in a post-photographic world, but we are living within a new-photographic one and that change demands a new type of photographer.” Grant Scott • United Nations of Photography