John Coplans • Tate

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“I hate the word iconic, but it was about collecting the lynchpins of historical photography and documentary photography. I was immediately drawn to Koudelka, Cartier-Bresson and Capa – the ‘godfathers’ of photography, I suppose – and the people that, in my opinion, made images that defined history. That, to me, is the important part of it, particularly now when we live in a world in which everyone is a photographer and history seems to be quite blurred.” Harriet Logan • Magnum

Johanna Stickland

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“[Irving] Penn’s images were casual yet exquisite in every way: With their drizzled liquids, spilled spices and other raw ingredients, or their strewn petals, they felt innovative and intimate, as if tossed off by someone who had just exited, smiling.” Roberta Smith • New York Times

Claude Cahun

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“It is acutely painful for [Sarah Amy Fishlock] that nature renews and overwrites ad infinitum, as do the images that she photographs, re-photographs and elides. In doing this, she calls attention to the friction between photography’s objective indifference and its capacity to ‘detonate,’ as Kracauer puts it, tiny details; the bystander on the beach for example, who (by total chance) holds a bunch of superimposed blooms, as if offering them to the small girl who will have cause, in the future, to grieve but does not know it yet.” Dr. Katherine Parhar • Photomonitor

Aaron Schuman • British Journal of Photography

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“For all of the metaphoric value of [Ellen Driscoll’s] process and images, there is also an evidential quality to the works: a specificity bordering on the descriptive power of photography. The silhouettes and ghostly traces she conjures with sumi and walnut inks are insistent and ephemeral. It is always somehow that bird, and that plant, and not some generic symbolic referent that haunt her images.” Mark Alice Durant • Saint Lucy

Christopher Russell

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“Of the hundreds — nah, thousands! — of selfies (also spelled cellfies) I usually store in my smartphone, including pictures of family and friends, as well as consequential places and occasions, a generous portion of them is what I call ‘false starts.’ The relation between cause and effect is inverted in them. Rather than my taking a spontaneous picture of a natural moment, I manipulate nature to fit it into a picture.” Adál Maldonado • Los Angeles Review of Books

Eddie Adams

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“Renowned British artist Mat Collishaw will digitally recreate the first photography exhibition, held in 1839 by William Henry Fox Talbot. Once viewers put on their VR goggles, they will be able to walk into this virtual space and view the works on the walls, as well as the glass vitrines and equipment as they would have been displayed almost 180 years ago.” Hannah Ellis-Petersen • Guardian

Tomoki Imai

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“Like the photographs from Japan, it is simultaneously primordial and futuristic. The extreme uncertainty I feel in our current political moment helps me understand for the first time the curious twinship of mourning and premonition. What was endured can hint at what is yet to come.” Teju Cole • New York Times Magazine