Mark Peterson

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“[Robert] Adams cannot help but capture the beauty of the scenes of destruction because, worryingly for us, they are beautiful.” Darran Anderson • Studio International

Ellen Cantor • Foxy Production

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“For the six black-and-white photo collages, [Ellen] Cantor used thumbtacks to create grids juxtaposing commercially-developed snapshots of TV screens playing soap operas and porn, revealing an expanded world in which hardcore sex and treacle sentimentality coexist.” Maika Pollack • Aperture

Victor Burgin • Aesthetica

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“[Victor] Burgin allows us to think emotionally and emote intellectually; the distinction between conceptualism and social engagement is no longer a useful division.” William J. Simmons • Aperture

Richard Learoyd

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“The photographs I took of Casper didn’t express the sentiments of a doting mother, despite the intensity of the love I felt for him. They were compromises—shots taken when he fell asleep in the car, or couldn’t be convinced to leave the campground, or when holding his squirming body prevented me from finding other people to photograph.” Justine Kurland • New Yorker

John Gutmann • Museum of Fine Arts Boston

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“I never photographed the Mafia per-se, I never intended to gain access to ‘difficult’ environments where I needed permissions by anyone…unfortunately some of the evidence I photographed are of public domain, but also I rather focussed on articulating a personal, and at times evocative, journey through the legacy of living with the mob.” Mimi Mollica as interviewed by Tom Seymour • British Journal of Photography


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“One of the things I wanted to try with Razed was an attempt at undoing the solidity and factual nature of photographs. Yet in discussing the work I worry I may be stretching this idea of artistic ‘foresight’. The idea that I in any way ‘saw it coming’ is so far from the truth.” Arthur Laidlaw as interviewed by Henrietta Landells • Photomonitor

Muriel Hasbun • Eye of Photography

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“Every little minute thing works with every other one there. All of these images are composed. They’re little paintings to me.” William Eggleston as quoted by Augusten Burroughs • New York Times Style Magazine